Snoring Treatment

Snoring Treatment

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Snoring Treatment

What are snoring and sleep apnea?
Snoring is defined by the people as the noise that a person produces while sleeping. According to the definition in medical literature, especially in adults who have weight problems, soft palate and uvula sags overgrowing than normal. As a consequence of these tissues’ losing their tension and narrowing the airway, the air that travels through lungs vibrates them and consequently snoring occurs.

These tissues, losing tension, completely block the airway and hinder breathing. This situation is called Sleep Apnea.

What are the effects of snoring and sleep apnea?

Person’s having difficulty waking up due to uncomfortable breathing,
Headache and nausea,
Daytime sleepiness, falling asleep especially after lunch and dinner,
Lack of concentration and a continuous exhaustion and reluctance are the most typical symptoms.

In addition, in advanced phases of the disease, the amount of blood oxygen becomes decreases under normal levels. This situation may cause hypertension and heart enlargement. Those who have serious sleep apnea have the risk of heart attack or paralysis.

Who are at risk of snoring and sleep apnea?
Mostly overweight adults,
Those who consume alcohol and smoke too much,
Those who are under stress,
Those who use antidepressants and muscle relaxants
Including genetic factors.

How is snoring treated?
At the present time, in modern medicine, there are 3 ways to treat snoring:
These are the surgical operations which are performed on soft palate and tongue by ENT specialists, CPAP masks and anti-snoring prosthesis.

Surgical operations cannot be performed on every patient and the disease has a risk of developing again over time. CPAP masks are used at night and prevent airway’s being blocked constantly blowing air. However, the device is not easy to use (obligation of sleeping flat on the back, noise of the device, nose dryness etc.) and expensive.

How does anti-snoring prosthesis treat?
Anti-snoring prosthesis, which is used while sleeping at night and placed on teeth, giving lower jaw a forward and downward position and elevating the sagging soft tissues, opens the airway and prevents sleep apnea. The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the shorter the treatment process will be.

What are the advantages?
Anti snoring prosthesis are comfortable and easy to use.
It decreases snoring and sleep apnea as soon as it is worn (usually halts snoring and sleep apnea at the first night).
Major effects are seen within 3-4 weeks.
It fits into a small prosthesis box and you can easily carry it everywhere you go.
It does not require surgical operations.
It is cheaper than other treatment methods.
It is mentioned in many scientific studies to have a remedial effect.

How effective are nasal strips?
Snoring and Sleep Apnea occur when the airway is narrowed by the sagging uvula, soft palate and tongue in the pharynx. The airway in the pharynx needs to be opened. Because any nasal strip cannot do this, they do halt neither snoring nor sleep apnea. Do not rely on such products.

Why is it important to treat snoring?
Snoring treatment is important for the increase of daily life quality, a comfortable and healthy sleep, and decrease of the risk of certain diseases.

What are the risks if sleep apnea advances? Can a person wake up if he/she is suffocating?
The risk of developing heart and lung diseases increases due to the increase in oxygen intake. In the advanced phases of sleep apnea, there is a risk of being unable to wake up and death during sleep.

Does snoring always cause sleep apnea?
It does not always cause sleep apnea. Snoring is sometimes a disease itself and sometimes a symptom of sleep apnea.

Why snoring occurs among men more than women?
Snoring and sleep apnea are 2 times more common among men than women. The reason for this is that fat accumulation is in upper part of the body, especially around the neck, in men and usually in lower part of the body in women.

Are there any side effects of the anti snoring prosthesis?
No, it has no side effects.

When should I wear the anti snoring prosthesis? How should I use it?
It is worn only at nights. Using it for 6 hours is enough.

Does it cause discomfort and pain? Does choking occur?
No. It remains stabile because it is attached to the teeth.

How big is the anti snoring prosthesis? Does it put pressure on throat?
It is big enough to fit your teeth. It does not have a part which reaches to the throat. It does not cause discomfort.

How long does the snoring treatment take? Is it worn for a life time?
Considering the severity of the disease and patient’s situation, the treatment takes 4-12 months. It is worn only during the treatment.

May I use someone else’s anti snoring prosthesis?
You cannot use someone else’s prosthesis because they are made special for each patient.

Is it difficult to wear and take off the anti snoring prosthesis? Is it comfortably used?
Taking off the prosthesis would not be difficult for you. Also, they are comfortably used.

Does the anti snoring prosthesis have any side effects such as mouth dryness?
No, it does not. On the contrary, you will sleep healthfully in comfort because oxygen intake will increase.

How long does it take to prepare the anti snoring prosthesis?
It is prepared in 1 day. It is given to patients who came out of town within the day.

In complete edentulism or while using another denture, can I use snoring prosthesis?
Because snoring prosthesis is made special for each person, it can be used with other dentures or in complete edentulism.

Can everybody use anti snoring prosthesis?
After examination, everybody whose jaw structure is eligible for anti-snoring prosthesis can use it.

How can I keep and carry the anti snoring prosthesis?
You can keep it in special prosthesis boxes and carry wherever you want.

When the effect of the anti snoring prosthesis will be apparent?
Its effect starts to appear at the first night and gradually increases within 3-4 weeks.

Does snoring cause early ejaculation?
Snoring and sleep apnea cause oxygen levels to become less than normal. Because what runs our body is oxygen, it may cause early ejaculation or lack of sexual drive.

Does snoring hinder relaxation?
Due to insufficient oxygen intake during sleep at night, heart beats faster than normal and this causes you to wake up without relaxation.

Can snoring actually be sleep apnea?
Snoring and sleep apnea are connected to each other. The early phase of sleep apnea is snoring. Hence, the sooner the disease is treated, the shorter the treatment process will be.

Does snoring trigger heart attacks?
Insufficient oxygen levels make heart beat faster and this increases the risk of heart attacks.

Does snoring affect the quality of life?
Because the person who snores does harm to not only himself but also other people, snoring affects the quality of life negatively.

Does anti snoring prosthesis cause deformity of the jaw? Will my jaw stay out in front?
Anti snoring prosthesis does not cause and deformity of the jaw. You will look the same after you take them off.

Can anti snoring prosthesis be applied to people of all ages?
For anti-snoring prosthesis to be applied, bone growth must be complete. In other words, it is applied to women after the age of 17 and men after the age of 18.