When must the first orthodontics examination be done?

Each mother and father should get their children examined by an orthodontist when they are 6 or 7.

Apart from that, the child must be taken to an orthodontist for examination,

– If your child is breathing through the mouth or has adenoid problems,
– If he used pacifier for a long time,
– If he has thumbsucking habit,
– If he has cleft lip or cleft palate,
– If missing tooth is detected or if he has received a major hit in jaw,
– If the upper or lower jaw is far too back or forward from the maternal or paternal side,
– If buck-tooth is observed (because the risk of front teeth’s being broken is very high when children whose front teeth are projecting too far fall).
– If baby tooth extraction is performed earlier due to any reason,

– If you think that he has crooked teeth.