Digital Dental Anesthesia

Digital Dental Anesthesia

Dijital Anestezi
What is digital dental anesthesia?
It is the anesthetic method that is performed by adjusting anesthetic solutions to patient’s tissue pressure.

How is digital dental anesthesia performed?
The gums are anesthetized with a special gel and anesthetic solution is applied to anesthetized gums with digital dental anesthesia device.

What is the advantage of digital dental anesthesia?
In digital dental anesthesia technique, no pain or sensitivity occurs during or after implementation.

Why does not any pain occur during digital dental anesthesia?
Anesthesia technique is adjusted to the tissue sensitivity and pain threshold of the patient. Hence, the patient does not feel any sensitivity.

Is digital dental anesthesia harmful to body?
No. Digital anesthesia is the technological advancement of application technique. Anesthesia that is used is the same.

Can digital dental anesthesia be applied to everyone?
Yes. It can be applied to everyone to whom standard anesthesia can be applied.

Does the time limit of anesthesia differ? How much is this limit?
There is no difference when compared with standard anesthesia.