What is Fissure sealant?
Fissure sealants are plastic coatings (applied especially to molar tooth) that fill the fissures and protect teeth from dental plaque and acids.

Why is it used?
Fissure sealants prevent bacterial plaque accumulation on vulnerable regions and protects tooth from caries.

Is it a painful procedure?
No.  Fissure sealant procedure does not cause any tooth abrasion and  no anesthesia will be  needed.

Can you apply fissure sealeants to ant tooth?
In order to apply fissure sealants, the patient should not have any caries on their tooth. It can be applied on caries risk associated regions of each teeth; however, it is highly recommended to be applied on molar teeth because they are the most risky ones.

When will be  the best time to apply fissure sealands?
It can be applied in any age but it is highly reccomended during childhood, especially to the  temporary tooth because caries risk is higher in early ages.