Lingual Orthodontics

What is Incognito?

Incognito is a brace system that is attached to the interior side of the teeth (lingual) which is produced specially for each patient by 3M company.

Can incognito (lingual braces) be applied to everyone?

Incognito (lingual orthodontics) is a type of treatment which can be applied to everyone. It is preferred mostly by people for whom an aesthetic appearance is important such as businessmen, artists, models and sportsmen. It is not recommended only for patients who will undergo orthognathic surgery.
How is incognito produced specially for each person?

The impressions that are taken by your orthodontist from you are scanned in 3-D and transferred to virtual platform. All the lingual braces are designed suitable for the form of your teeth. They occupy the minimum space on your teeth because they are specially made for the shape and form of each tooth.
Also your wires are embowed with the computer system beforehand and sent to your orthodontist.

Is incognito treatment period longer than that of normal braces?

The treatment period with lingual orthodontics can be longer than normal braces. However, because they are on the interior side of your teeth, noone will understand that you are getting orthodontic treatment.

Is lingual orthodontics an expensive treatment?

All types of treatments that are applied to the interior side of the teeth such as incognito (lingual orthodontics) are expensive treatments.