Orthodontic Treatment(eski)


Fixed Orthodontic Treatment (Fixed Multibracket Treatment)

What is fixed orthodontic treatment?
It is the treatment of approximately 1.5-2.5 years which enables the correction of crowded teeth using little square dental braces which are made of stainless steel or clear ceramic material and attached to the front surfaces of the teeth and metal wires which are inserted into the braces.

Does fixed orthodontic treatment harm my teeth?
This treatment is not harmful for teeth. On the contrary, it helps proper balance inside the mouth to be achieved enabling the correction of the teeth.

Does fixed orthodontic treatment cause tooth decay?
The treatment does not have a side effect associated with tooth decay. Tooth decay is a result of inadequate oral care whether orthodontic treatment is performed or not. The most important point is the special attention given to oral care.

Does orthodontic treatment cause toothache?
At the beginning of the treatment, mild pain might be felt due to the forces applied to the teeth but mostly it is not seen. It differs from one person to another. This feeling due to change would disappear within 2-3 days.  Acute pain does not occur.

Does orthodontic treatment change tooth color? Do they yellow?
The treatment does not change tooth color. Discoloration occurs due to dietary habits and inadequate oral care.

Will fixed orthodontic treatment be with tooth extraction or not? My friend had her/his teeth removed. Will my teeth be removed?
We consulted another orthodontist. He said that it will be with tooth extraction. Is it necessary that my teeth are extracted?
In orthodontic treatment, tooth extraction is a process which can be planned routinely. Treatment with tooth extraction is considered when there is no place for teeth on the gums. Another important criterion is that how the patient seems in profile. Being lined up without any extractions, teeth may extremely push the lips forward and aesthetic look may be at risk. In such cases, treatment with extraction is considered. Although tooth extraction is seen as a terrible situation, in such cases, bringing patient’s esthetic and oral health to ideal condition gives the best results.

It does not make sense that healthy teeth are extracted.
It is the most common question we get. Even our patients begin a quest of other dentist who will apply the treatment without tooth extraction. If examples are necessary for it to be demonstrative, wisdom teeth of our many acquaintances are extracted due to the risk of their crowding other teeth or lack of oral hygiene and space. As a matter of fact, they are also healthy. Orthodontists decide the removal of the teeth considering patient’s appearance in profile and due to lack of space.

Will gaps remain after the teeth are removed?
No, they will not. Extraction gaps are filled with the movement of other teeth.

Does this treatment affect my speech negatively?
Orthodontic treatment which is performed with the support of the front surfaces of the teeth does not affect individual’s speech.

How often will I come to control examinations?
Intervals between control examinations would differ from 4 to 6 weeks during treatment.

Will my teeth be damaged when the brackets are being removed?
Teeth are not damaged during brace removal. Adhesive material separates from the teeth surface while the braces are being removed. Loss of dentine does not occur.

Does crowding of the teeth come back after braces are removed?
In the phase of brace removal teeth are immobilized with a permanent thin wire which is attached to the backside of the 6-8 front teeth (where tongue is normally touches). Hence, the change of the result is prevented. This wire is definitely not seen from the outside.

Will this wire ruin my speech?
Usually our patients get used to this wire within 1 week and forget its presence. Although slight sibilance may occur during speech within the first two days, it disappears by itself.

The edge of my permanent wire has ruptured. What should I do?
You should consult your dentist as soon as possible before the coherence between the teeth and the wire is lost.

My permanent wire has completely separated. What should I do?
Separation of the permanent wire even within 1-2 days causes the teeth to become crowded again. For this reason, you should get an appointment from your dentist as soon as possible.

How long will this permanent wire retainer stay in my mouth?
It is preferred that this wire stays for at least 5 years in the mouth. In certain cases, its lifelong use is required. Your dentist will inform you about this matter.