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Dental Implants

What is dental implant?

Dental implant is a titanium screw system which is used to make prosthesis on where there are missing teeth. Dental implants which are placed in jaw bone serve as tooth roots.


Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the cleaning, disinfection of inflammatory dental nerves and filling them with root canal filling materials when nerves and veins inside the teeth lose their vitality due to tooth cracks and fractures, tooth decays, wrong treatment processes, and wrong restorations.


Dental Laser Applications

What is laser and what is its function in dentistry?

Laser is a linear moving radiation which has condensed energy produced by electromagnetic optical amplifier. In dentistry, this energy is used to cut the tissues by vaporizing the water molecules inside them.


Digital Dental Anesthesia

What is digital dental anesthesia?

It is the anesthetic method that is performed by adjusting anesthetic solutions to patient’s tissue pressure.


Gum Aesthetics

What is gum aesthetics?

In today’s world, gum aesthetics, in other words pink aesthetics, has gain importance as aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry. Being a must for natural, healthy and good-looking teeth, gum health and flatness came into prominence.


Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer with Velscope Device

Oral cancer constitutes 5% of the cancers that occur througout the body. Actually, although 5% is perceived as a small number, because it more frequently occurs than all types of cancers, it has a high frequency...


Teeth Cleaning

What is DentGroup total care?

It is a comprehensive teeth cleaning which extends from scaling to oral hygiene education, fluor application and tongue cleaning at DentGroup clinics. That’s why we don’t call just teeth cleaning.


Total Dentures

What is total denture?

Total denture, also known as false teeth, is a prosthesis which is produced for upper and lower palates when there are no teeth inside the mouth.