Fluor Application on Children

Fluor Application on Children

What is the purpose of fluor gel application?
To make the tooth structure resistant to decays is intended by reinforcing the constituent of dentine.

To which teeth is it applied?
Fluor gel is applied to all surfaces of the teeth.

Is fluor gel chemical? Does it have any side effects?
It has no side effect if it is properly applied.

How long is fluor gel application effective?
Fluor gel application is effective for 4-6 months considering your child’s decay risk group. It needs to be applied again after this period. Thus, after a certain time, fluor will be stored in every incoming tooth.

How is fluor gel applied?
In fluor gel application, specially made flour preparations are applied to tooth surfaces which are cleaned from saliva with a special brush.

How long does fluor gel application take?
Fluor gel application is a quite easy process which takes approximately 5 minutes.

What should and shouldn’t I do after fluor gel application?
Eating and drinking is forbidden for 1 hour after application. Milk and dairy products are not consumed within 24 hours, including ice-cream and chocolate.

What if dairy products are consumed?
Effectiveness of the application weakens. It does no harm to your child.

What if we do not have fluor application done?
Your child will be deprived of an application which is protective against decays and which strengthen the tooth structure.