Removable Orthodontic Appliances

What is the proper age for orthodontic examination?
The ages of 6 and 7 are proper ages for orthodontic examination to start.

Are braces put on at this age?
The period between the ages of 6 and 9 is an early period for the braces to be put on. In this period, we mostly prefer our patients to use removable appliances.

Are these removable appliances really necessary? What if we do not put them on?
It can be possible to treat existing or possible problems before they progress with these appliances more easily. Thus, the necessity to use braces may be decreased and even eliminated. If they are not used, the existing problem increases with progress and the need for a more complicated and exhausting treatment occurs.

How do removable orthodontic appliances work?
The use of the removable orthodontic appliances in the way your dentist instructed is very important because it is effective as long as it is used. There are one or two little screws inside the orthodontic appliances and as a result of the movement of these screws by the parents with the help of the hand tool, the appliances becomes functional and creates the desired alteration. These are also called expansion appliances.

Does removable appliances hurt?
This type of orthodontic appliances does not hurt. You feel them as if they are your own palate within 1-2 days.

My removable appliance is broken or lost. What should I do?
You should see your orthodontist the day it is broken or lost or the day after that. The making of a new appliance is certainly necessary in order for the alteration that is created with the treatment to remain and not to be lost. Otherwise, reversion is inevitable.

I had lost my removable orthodontic appliance but I have found it within 1-2 days. Now, it does not completely fit in my mouth. What should I do?
With the unpinning of the screw within the appliance, whose use was shown to you, for 1-2 circuits, the removable appliance will fit in. If not, consult your orthodontist.

How long is it necessary for us to use this removable appliance?
Usually, these removable appliances help us get the intended results within 6-8 months. Then, they are used only at night in order to preserve the alteration.

Should I wear the removable appliance while eating?
The removable appliance is removed while eating and brushing the teeth. Their constant use is necessary in other times.

Where will I keep my removable orthodontic appliance when I take it off?
Keep the appliance in the box that will be given to you. Materials such as tissues will not protect your appliance from the factors that will cause your appliances deformations. Even it can be chucked out accidentally when it is covered with tissue.

How should I clean my removable appliance?
Clean your removable appliance with the help of water and a brush. It is wrong to put the removable appliance in boiling water or try to clean it with chemical materials.