Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancer with Velscope Device

Is oral cancer a common type of cancer? How dangerous is it?
Oral cancer constitutes 5% of the cancers that occur througout the body. Actually, although 5% is perceived as a small number, because it more frequently occurs than all types of cancers, it has a high frequency. Malignant cancers around the mouth are important because they are close to the vital areas (i.e. brain) and they have a possibility of anatomically spreading to other parts of the body easily.

Why is early diagnosis important?
The treatment of abnormalities around the mouth is far simpler before  they turn completely to cancer or even if they have turned to cancer but they are in the beginning stage and the risk of death decreases with early diagnosis. Cancer can be cured before it spreads to other parts of the body. As cancer advances and spreads, not only patient’s life threat increases but also tissue loss increases during the extraction of the spreading cancer.

Who are at risk of cancer?
Even though the exact reason of cancer is unknown or there is not a single reason, these are the risks that mostly cause cancer:
Excessive use of alcohol and smoking
Unhealthy nutrition
Irregular lifestyle and stress
Genetic predisposition (cancer in the family)
Staying under the sun for a long time and going to the tanning booth
Exposure to excessive radiation

Who carries the risk of oral cancer?
Those who consume alcohol and smoke
Poor oral hygiene
Improper prostheses (prostheses that constantly pinches)
Those who have abnormalities in the mouths (White and red abnormalities, bleeding focuses, non-healing wounds)

What is the risk of oral abnormalities’ turning to cancer?
It is not true to say that every abnormal formation observed in the mouth will cause cancer. However, because such abnormalities have the risk of turning to cancer, they must be detected at first and must be monitored periodically.

How are the abnormalities that are observed in the mouth and have the risk of turning to cancer diagnosed?
Although there are many methods, one of the easiest and the most comfortable methods is Velscope device of early diagnosis of cancer.

How does Velscope device work?
This device locates the suspicious areas by sending blue light beam with special wave length into the mouth. It gives suspicious areas a darker and a more irregular look than other areas.

What are the advantages and the early diagnosis method of Velscope device?
Firstly, it is an easy and painless method. It detects the invisible abnormalities deep within the soft tissues inside the mouth.It makes the clinical follow-up easier by capturing the images of the suspicious tissues with camera.

A suspicious situation is identified in my mouth. What should I do?
It must be followed regularly and in case of a suspicious situation, you must visit an ear-nose-throat specialist.

Is Velscope device useful for diagnosing the cancer without fail and does it cure cancer?
Velscope device is not aimed at treating cancer. Furthermore, it does not give the final diagnosis. It is aimed at detecting and keeping track of the abnormalities that are suspicious and have the possibility of turning to cancer. Final diagnosis is established with the biopsy from the suspicious area.