Teeth Cleaning

What is DentGroup total care?
It is a comprehensive teeth cleaning which extends from scaling to oral hygiene education, fluor application and tongue cleaning at DentGroup clinics. That’s why we don’t call just teeth cleaning.

Why should I have total care done?
We keep our hands, hair, faces and feet in good condition but mouth is neglected because it is not visible. However, due to some reasons such as chewing habits and insufficient oral care, plaque accumulation especially on gum level and interfaces of the teeth would be far too much. This calcifying plaque turns to tartar over time and discoloration occurs. This tartar is the main reason for gum diseases. Patient cannot clean this tartar and discoloration on his own. Consequently, plaque and tartar accumulation accelerates. Then, bad breath, loose tooth, gingival bleedings and brownish spots, which are unappealing, show up. In order to avoid these problems, you should visit your dentist regularly.

Which applications does DentGroup total care contain?
Firstly, the area around the lips is moisturized to prevent lip dryness. Then, with ultrasonic cleaner which is used in the routine, to remove tartar.
Interfaces of the teeth and discoloration are cleaned with tooth cleaning powder called air-flow.
Following these, tooth surfaces are polished with dental paste and a brush.
Tongue surfaces where bacteria accumulation is too much are cleaned.
Floss is used between the teeth for examination and education.
Lastly, dentine is reinforced with fluor gel application and the patient is taught about how he/she should take care of his/her mouth.

Are teeth anesthetized during these processes?
If removal of tartar under the gums which is called subgingival curettage and root planning are not necessary, there is no need for anesthesia during these processes.

Do I feel any pain or soreness?
Because water is used to clean where there is gum recession, mild sensitivity may occur. Furthermore, you may feel soreness when tartar under the gums is cleaned. You do not feel pain or soreness in addition to them.

Do my gums bleed?
Gingival bleeding may occur with patients whose gums are oedemous. However, this is not something to fear and does not continue after the applications.

How long do all the processes take?
Applications last approximately 30-45 minutes. If tartar density is too much and there is a need for application under the gums, a second session is done. Control session is also done after all the treatments.

Do ultrasonic cleaners harm the teeth?
They might create lines at micro level after misused. Also, this may cause discoloration of the teeth within a very short time if polishing and fluor application process are not performed. So, treatments which are done by people who are not given dental education do not give intended results.

How often should I have it done?
Plaque accumulation and tartar formation differs depending upon the position of the teeth, saliva structure, brushing the teeth and dietary habits. Total care is done when it is necessary at the visits every 6 month.

Will gingival bleeding and bad breath disappear?
It is possible with DentGroup oral care to get rid of gingival problems and bad breath if they are not caused by a systemic disease.

What are the advantages of fluor gel application?
Fluor gel assists the formation of fluoroapatite which is resistant to decays and which prevents tooth sensitivity by reacting with crystals which exist in the dentine. Thus, dentine becomes clearer, shinier, and more durable.

How is fluor gel applied?
After teeth are dried with air, 5ml APF gel of 1.23% which is put into special rubber spoon is kept inside the mouth for maximum 4 minutes and excess gel is removed. Patients are asked not to rinse their mouth.

Does fluor cause allergic reactions?
There is no allergic reaction observed. Because it is not consumed systematically, its possibility of causing allergic reactions is very low.

Does swallowing air-flow powder do any harm?
No harm of its being swallowed has been observed. However, in case of any problems, we use two saliva ejectors in order to prevent the risk of patients’ swallowing the material.

Is there an age restriction to have this implementation done?
No, there is not. It can be superficially applied to primary teeth.

Is it harmful to have it done during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, gums are more hyperemic and oedemous. For this reason, slightly high amount of bleeding occurs but it is not a problem. Preferably, total care can be applied easily during the period between 3 and 6 months.

Does sensitivity occur after implementations?
Tooth sensitivity, which occurs after scaling, does not occur after DentGroup total care. Fluor, which is applied to the teeth, removes sensitivity and leaves a fresh taste in the mouth.

Do any dietary alterations required after implementation?
Rinsing, spitting and consuming anything is prohibited for 30 minutes after implementation. After then, you can go back to your routine.

Is teeth cleaning harmful to fillings and veneers?
It is certainly not. During implementation, fillings and veneers are also polished.

Do my teeth become whiter after these processes?
Certainly, your teeth will get a fresher look after discoloration and tartar are removed. However, they will not become whiter than original tooth color. Teeth whitening is necessary for that.

Why and how tongue cleaning done?
The tongue consists of papillae and this surface is perfect for bacteria accumulation. Generally, it is the most forgotten area to clean. At the clinic, the tongue is brushed with our special brushes in a low-speed circular motion for 10 seconds. It does not cause any discomfort to patients. On the contrary, it raises awareness about the cleaning of this area.