Total Dentures

What is total denture?
Total denture, also known as false teeth, is a prosthesis which is produced for upper and lower palates when there are no teeth inside the mouth.

How long does their production take? How many times should I come to visits?
Total dentures are prepared approximately after 5 sessions including measurements and various trials. Approximately 2 weeks is sufficient for 5 sessions.

Are total dentures easy to use?
Because total dentures are removable prostheses, they are harder to use than other prostheses. They can be easily placed on upper and lower palates and removed. However, the comfort of fixed partial denture should not be expected.

Will I get used to them?
Bruises and wounds may occur on certain areas when they are first used. After bruises heal and dentures are used for a certain time, you get used to them and they perform as if they were your natural teeth.

How should I clean total dentures?
Cleaning of total dentures is done under running water with soap and brush. Toothpaste is not used for cleaning. Although there are special brushes for total dentures, toothbrushes can also be used. Moreover, there are cleaning tablets produced by certain brands. You can clean your total dentures by putting them into a glass of water with a cleaning tablet for a certain time.

May I eat comfortably?
Coherence of the dentures which are specially made after measurements of the palates are taken depends on the amount of bone tissue in upper and lower jaws. If bone tissue is sufficient, coherence and stabilization of the total dentures will be good and food can be chewed with total dentures without any problems. When total dentures are first produced, certain problems may occur until cheek and lip muscles get used to them. After then, functions such as biting, cutting and grinding can be comfortably served.

Do total dentures move while eating something?
Due to the fact that the amount of bone tissue in upper and lower jaws may be insufficient, coherence and stabilization of the denture will decrease and denture may move. In this situation, special adhesives can be used or in order to prevent the movement of the dentures, it may be necessary to get support from the implants placed into the jaw bone.

Will it be esthetically pleasing?
Total dentures bloat the dents of cheek and lips by filling them. Teeth, which are used in dentures, can be made of porcelain in the front area. In this situation, esthetic satisfaction will be quite high.

What should I pay attention to while using?
You should pay attention to cleaning of total dentures. Cleaning should never be done with boiling water. Dentures should be taken off at nights and kept in a special box. In addition to these, while wearing them, taking them off or cleaning, you should be very careful because they may get broken if you drop them.

Are total dentures repairable when they are broken or when teeth fall off?
Depending on the shape and size of the fracture, they can be easily repaired. Measurements may be necessary for reparation. Teeth which fall off also can easily be repaired.

How long does reparation of total dentures process take?
Depending on the shape and size of the fracture, it usually takes 1-2 days.

Is it possible for diabetics to use dentures?
Total dentures can be applied to almost every patient who does not have any teeth. It can be applied easily to diabetics. Bruises and wounds after application may take a long time to heal. Also, because dry mouth may occur, special gels and artificial saliva products may be necessary.

Is it possible for patients with osteoporosis to use  total dentures?
Usually the bone loss which occurs in the body is not the same as the bone loss inside the mouth. With dental examination and X-rays, thickness and length of the bones are checked whether they are eligible for dentures. In excessive bone resorption (bone loss), surgically taking bone tissue from different parts, bone volume can be increased.

Is it possible for patients who have allergies to use dentures?
First of all, allergy tests must be done to detect allergic substances. Because total dentures do not contain metals, it can be applied to patients who are allergic to metals. However, if patient is allergic to acrylic which is a component of total dentures, it is not possible for them to use dental ventures. In such cases, implant supported fixed partial dentures can be used.

How long is its lifespan?
Total dentures can be used for a very long times if they are provided with proper care and hygiene. Dentures may loosen or move over time due to weight loss or osteoporosis.

Total dentures which I have used for a long time started to loosen and move. What should I do?
To eliminate loosening or moving which occurs due to weight loss or osteoporosis, supplemental applications can be performed on dentures and dentures can be adjusted. If change is too much, new dentures may be necessary.

I am comfortable with the dentures which I got many years ago. Their color changed and they tarnished. Can exact copies of my dentures made?
If discoloration and tarnish cannot be removed during professional cleaning, your dentures can be duplicated.You will have to leave them to us for several days.

I am pleased with the coherence of the dentures which I got many years ago but they are not sharp enough. Can teeth be sharpened?
Without changing the base of the denture, we can change only the teeth. Newly placed teeth will be sharper and unworn.

Upper denture is coherent but lower denture is much less coherent? Why?
Upper denture compared with lower denture occupies a greater place and in lower jaw, tongue causes it to move too much. In addition, existing bone volume also affects coherence. Usually, tooth loss firstly occurs in the lower jaw. Hence, bone loss is much more in the lower jaw and the coherence of the denture will be less.

Will I have to use total dentures after I lose all my teeth (in complete edentulism)?
It is very difficult for patients who lost all their teeth and never used dentures before to get used to them. If sufficient bone volume exists, dentures supported by implants which are placed into the bones will be more comfortable and easier to use than total dentures. In complete edentulism, we firstly recommend the use of implant supported dentures.